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Pilates / Contrology Level 1

Pretty self-explanatory

You start here if you’ve never done Pilates, have minimal experience or are de-conditioned. You learn the basics behind Joe’s thinking (stability before mobility), learn the beginning mat and reformer orders, and meet some of the other equipment. Each lesson contains the same concepts and order – this is how we measure progress – but we use equipment and body position (lying, sitting, standing, hanging) to amplify the concept and challenge. 

Pilates / Contrology Level 2

Now you’ve got the basics

Level 2 is where most Pilates practitioners spend their workout life – and with 15 major and minor pieces of equipment, and hundreds of challenging progressions and variations, we are never bored!  As in Level 1, we use the order to learn and track progress, adding tempo, rhythm, and more exercises to further our personal progress – always mindful of the individual needs of the student.

Pilates / Contrology Level 3

Currently this is appointment only; we’ll be adding Level 3 classes as our current Level 1 & 2 classes progress.

What Can


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Joe Pilates believed his Contrology Method was the antidote to modern life – and he wrote that in 1945! If your modern life involves too much sitting and clicking and not enough standing and moving; if your body is sending regular messages involving neck, back or foot pain and/or restricted mobility, then give Pilates/Contrology a try!

What have you got to lose, but your pain?

Meet the Team

With individual modifications appropriate to the student. I have watched spines straighten, thigh muscles lengthen, back humps shrink, tushies tighten and memories improve in students of all ages. Pretty good for 100-year-old exercise techniques designed by a man – for men.

Carolina believes that Pilates is for everybody to help people strengthen and balance their bodies. She loves to share her passion for the method with her students.

A self-professed “movement nerd” Kurt has been fascinated with human movement most of his life.

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